we are many we are one


covenant of peace

Brit Shalom (Hebrew)
10 Points for Peace (Hebrew)
10 points for peace
press release
positive meditation
brief history and warning concerning the two open capitals vision of jerusalem
jerusalem vision
we are all part of mashiach and part of god
  warning for israel and the nations:  peace begins at home

protect life

  israel, answer your critics

on goduniverse

  on evolution: mutation according to purpose and need and design
  dear friends
  i want justice: concerning anne frank documentary
mp3 songs:

peace circle
e-mail: info@peacecircle.org
tel.: +972 4 697-1753

we are many we are one (4 mb)            lyrics
אנו רבים אנו אחד  (3.3 mb)
we can stop world war 3 (3.6 mb)         lyrics
just as much mashiach...jamm (3.5 mb)  lyrics
good shabbos (5 mb) lyrics
smile love (4.5 mb) lyrics

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all text, lyrics and music 5776 (2016) by david eli barchas